Kynde Words

An astonishing and impressive piece of work!  I found it intensely moving: the poignancy of the old men’s archive singing and the delicacy of the string systems, the GORGEOUS use of brass and big horn counterlines.” Charles Hazlewood

"Absolutely love this mammoth piece Kynde…really moving..beautiful.  Interesting orchestration, and I love the repetitive hypnotic systems, like Jane uses in Spiro.  The juxtaposed tempos..chord clashes..brilliant.  The choral section is amazing!"  Adrian Utley

"In March 2017, I led the BBCCO for the premiere of “Kynde”. I was previously unaware of Jane’s work, and I was enormously impressed. While her integration of recorded/live voices with instruments deserves to be placed on the same level as the work of Reich or Bryars, her compositional voice is entirely individual and intensely moving. Her orchestration is impeccable" Charles Mutter, leader of the BBC Concert Orchestra.